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April 2017

This kumihimo sticker templates are a hit!  Thanks to all of my JTV customers for making this happen.  The program now includes 4 separate braid structures with 2 more on the way this year.  And, the BeadSmith and I are working on expanding the concept for their customers.

Two new books are in process: one on kumihimo and one on various techniques that I'm co-authoring with Gail DeLuca.  The kumihimho book should be done by the summer and it will focus on the braid structures featured in the Templates program.

Rattail as we know and love it is soon to become a thing of the past.  The manufacturer has filed for bankruptcy and the company that has acquired most of their business (Berwick Offray) has decided to stop weaving this product.  What's in stock is what there is.  I'll keep you posted on the replace product which will surely be nylon.

July 2016

The sticker templates are now a reality!  I've been meaning to find a manufacturer for these stickers for the past 2 years and have finally "gotten 'round tuit"  There are two braid sequences finished with another one or two in the works.  They have their own category in the shop--Kumihimo Templates.  One makes the 7 warp non-kumihimo braid that is sometimes referred to as the Fill-the-Gap braid and the other is for the Kusari Tusnagi braid which make an 8 warp braid with a straight stitch.  Both come with complete illustrated instructions as well as one unbeaded and one beaded project.

May 2016
Well, I finally got all of the seed beads listed only to be taking all of the 6/o to Knoxville for a trunk show at White Fox Bead Studio!

I was asked to teach kumihimo for a crafting group a few months back and for the first time EVER a student asked if I could teach the braid that was used to illustrate the non-spiral structure that I used as comparison in my first book Braiding for Beaders.  What a jolt!  Sine I'd made the braid in the book on the foam disk it was obvious that it could be done but I had to remember which braid it was.  It is Jacqui Carey's Round Braid Two aka Kusari Tusnagi.

The Kusari Tusnagi is simple on the marudai but requires a little finagling in the disk soI've spent the past few months working on some stick on templates for the foam kumihimo disk. The value of using a vinyl sticker is that a) it sticks to the disk and doesn't move around while you're working and b) it's vinyl so it doesn't tear.  It can be removed but I've learned to just stick it on the back side of a disk and leave it there.

 I've got two Patterns done with another couple in the works.  One is the Kusari Tusnagi and the other is the 7 warp non kumihimo braid that's making the rounds recently.  Both are in the store listed under Kumihimo, Templates.  The 7 warp braid has been around for a while so it's available both with or without instructions.  The Kusari Tsunagi (round braid, straight stitch) is offered only with instructions.

There are two new books in the works, one kumihimo and the other kumihimo and other textile techniques.  With any luck they'll both be done by the end of the year.

October 2015

Not a lot new to report just now.  I've been working at getting all the many seed beads I have hanging around the studio and in the old travel cases listed in the store.  Keep an eye out for a big de-stash sale coming before the end of the year.

I continue to consult with the BeadSmith on some new prodcut concepts as well as represent them on JTV's Jewel School.  The lull in activity has enabled me to think of some new classes to bring to the major bead shows and I've got a couple of macrame projects that I hope the folks at BeadFest will like.

February, 2015

Well it's been quite a while since I've done anything here on the website.  The past 18 months have been a whirlwind of activity including the completion of the full 4MJ business class as well as 2 mini courses for those who aren't interested in the full class. At this time the two mini classes are exclusive to JTV's how-to program Jewel School.

There is a new kumihimo book in the works, with luck it will be available in the fall of this year.

Please checkout my Pinterest boards.  There are boards for kumihimo, macramé, soutache,k shibori, and climbing rope.  All will provided ideas and inspirations for your creations.  The rope category is exploding at this moment in time; some really exciting designs are being out forward.

Thanks to the popularity if leather there are many findings available for those who work on textiles.  I have some offerings here at Moss Hollow but a web search will turn up many more.

Tuesday August 13, 2013

The past 2 months have seen a mighty effort put forward on the Make More Money Making Jewelry project and I have grown so much from the experience.  And, most importantly, the students who have signed up for the class are also growing by leaps and bounds!

Artifacts, a line of porcelain elements that I've been wanting to introduce in metal had finally happened.  After months of research on metals, types of casting, domestic vs. overseas production, packaging techniques, etc have finally been resolved!  Thanks to many of y ou who follow me on Face Book the matte finish has been chosen from the 4 available and the first order should be here by the end of the week.  I'm so thrilled!  I'm anticipating bringing these to JTV during my December appearance.

The mini macrame board is hear and gone.  Well, I still have few in stock, but the BeadSmith has completely sold through the initial order and we're waiting for more from the factory.  This little board is a big hit with a lot of designers who make beaded bracelets and I find it useful for projects like the cup chain bracelet and pendants.  But, my preference is still for the full sixe board.  I like to curl up on the sofa or in an easy chair and the larger board fits more comfortably in my lap using the knee of one leg as an easel.  Both boards do essentially the same thing so it's just a matter of personal preference.

Tuesday July 9, 2013

I've been asked to offer some finished pieces for sale on JTV and this present the prefect opportunity to begin work on a line I've had in mind since our last visit to Ireland this past March.  It's watercolor and calligraphy and is taking shape nicely.  I'll have if done in time for my December appearance.

The BeadSmith will be  hosting me again on JTV in both Sept and Dec.  September is JTV's annual Customer Appreciation event and I will be teaching all 3 days this year.  Additionally, the Jewel School Institute is hosting a Business Seminar on Sept 9 & 10 and I will be one of the instructors for that event as well.  More about both events can be found at

F & W, the new owners of Interweave, are hosting an event in Sommerville, NJ this month called Create! and I've just signed up to take a couple of classes.  It'll be fun to be on the student side of the table for a change.  All 4 classes that I've chosen are metal work and I'm really looking forward to gaining some new skills.

Make More Money Making Jewelry (MMMMJ) is off to a great start.  Brett and I will be shooting a new class on Thursday.  It's too late to enroll in this session, but you can see what it's all about at  The funny thing about this is even after we've discussed and outlined the class (which we've been doing for over a year) and then present it to the camera, when I watch the video later I pick up on tips that are valuable for my business.  I mean, I know this stuff--I've used it for years!  It's such a part of me that it's second nature and even still I'm finding bits and pieces that I would have given short shrift to during the thought process of the new line.  The MMMMJ project is proving to be way more important than I imagined.  We put it together for designers who are struggling with managing a business and it's having the effect of re-focusing me.  Great things are happening over at MMMMJ.

Friday May 31, 2013

Well, spring 2013 was nice but short--like 2 days.  We went from 38 to 90 degrees in just 2 days.  But the 2 days where it was in the 70's were really nice!

Brett Attebery, owner of the Jewelry Making Professor and I have begun shooting the videos for our upcoming course Make More Money Making Jewelry.  It's targeted to those of you who are already selling some jewelry but want to more about running a business.  Because, drum roll here, the smart jewelry designer knows that the business part of the equation is essential to success.  We've been brain storming the ideas and concepts for this course for well over a year and are REALLY glad to have gotten the outline hammered out, the specifics filled in and the cameras rolling.  The course will be on-line and enrollment will be limited.  There will be live Q&A sessions and we can only handle so many students at one time.  More to follow soon.

I've finally conquered soutache!  Using the right needle made a whole lot of difference.  Having the opportunity to meet Amee Sweet-McNamara helped as well.  I didn't get to take a class with her, in fact we barely got to talk about working with soutache at all, but it was still cool to listen to her introduce the concept to the group at Jewel School.  So, there are now some basic soutache examples in the Soutache Gallery and I'm working on a combo piece of macrame with a soutache focal.  Should be really lovely.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I just finished a new macrame pendant project that will be included with the full size macrame board.  The Step by Steps went off the BeadSmith last night and the actual piece got dropped into the mail this morning.  It's kind of cool.  I'll be posting it here on the site soon.

Yesterday was spent with the couple that are hand dying my silks and what a day we had!  In addition to custom dyeing they also have machines to spin, knit, and braid cording to my specifications.  And, in addition to silk I'm going to be expanding into bamboo and soy.  Really very exciting!

Friday May 3, 2013

Lot's of new kumihimo and leather findings arrived today.  New finishes on the spirals and toggles.  I'll start shooting the photos this coming week and get them in the store.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well the macrame board has once again sold out.  Really sorry about this, but it's just been more popular than we imagined.

I shot video tutorials for the square kumihimo plate, the macrame board, as well as the two techniques for anodized aluminum wire for the BeadSmith last week.  Can't say when they'll be edited and up for viewing but I would I think that Bead and Button in June is a target date.

For those of you who can make it to BeadFest Spring in Oaks, PA April 12 - 14, I'll be booth #23/24.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Brett Attebery interviewed me for his website the Jewelry Making Professor.  This link will take you to the interview.  Sadly I hadn't gotten any project images to him and so the "visual" part is just some photos of kumihimo tools and supplies. But, for those of you who have never met me it's a pretty good introduction.

Saturday March 9, 2013

Sun is shining!  After winter storm Saturn this is a really nice change of pace.

I'm going over to  the BeadSmith on March 14 to shoot video tutorials for both the square kumihimo plate and the new macrame board.  In the meanwhile, the Jewelry Making Professor has put a video for the square plate up on YouTube.  Just put my name, Anne Dilker, into YouTube's search engine and it will pop up 3 or 4 videos from the top.

Many thanks to all of you who have viewed my kumihimo tutorials.  Ronnie, from the BeadSmith, pointed out to me last week that they are the most viewed of any of the BeadSmith's YouTube tutes.

Also, the design team at Beadaholique has put a video on their site illustrating a use for my macrame board.  Order the board either here or there, but do order it as it's just way cool.

I'll be back on JTV at the end of April.  Broadcast dates are April 28 & 29 and May 1.  Product permitting, I'll be introducing the para-cord line, a new shape in the mood beads, and my own line of silks.

Tuesday February 26, 2013

Just added a bunch of leather (1.5mm) and some three colors assortments in 1, 1.5, qnd 2mm.  Size 2/o and 3/o seed beads have some new colors in stock, and the new silks have been very well received!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

So, winter's here.  Something of a shock since the past few years have been mild.  Really cold and lots of snow.  Makes me wish I still a skier!

The kumihimo/jewelry silks have arrived!  Well, actually I went over to the hand-dyers and picked them up since they are being dyed here in Pennsylvania.  I am so pleased with the result.  They'll be packaged as trios in specific colorways.  Each trio will contain 6 yards of boucle, and 12 yards each of 2mm ribbon and # 12 pearle.  The silk is the finest quality Chinese thread available and the master dyer I'm using is first rate. While we can't guarantee "color fast" in case someone tries to bleach them, they are just fine for use by jewelry designers.  The dye's don't rub off and don't leach when they get wet.  You just can't bleach them!

The macrame board was introduced at the winter trade shows and on my January appearances on JTV.  It's been a big hit and I'm really grateful to the BeadSmith for producing these.  This board is like my new Best Friend; I use it for more than just macrame.  Silly how such a simple tool can increase productivity.

Brett Attebery and I are starting work on a business series specifically for jewelry designers.  It'll probably be several months until we get this going.  He's been reaching out to the members of Jewelry Making Professor for ideas that designers who are trying to sell their work would like us to address.  If you've got any questions you'd like to see us address just sent me an email.

Wednesday January 2, 2013

 Well, since my last update here was in August I guess it's high time to make a post.  Lot's of changes coming for 2013!

I'm dropping out of the retail show circuit this year.  This is a good thing/bad thing.  I will so miss meeting with all of you, especially since you share so many great ideas during our discussions, but I need to invest the time in some new products and techniques.  Who knows, maybe I'll even get over here to make updates more frequently!  I'm working on the packaging for a line of silks even as I write this.  With luck they'll be ready for distribution in March.

My new macrame board (patent pending) will be introduced by the BeadSmith this month.  It's been 3 years in the planning/testing/production stages so, for me, this is a BIG DEAL.  It's my new "best friend" I hope  you'll like it.

Kumihimo & More, my new project book is FINALLY finished.  Sheesh.  When you have software programs that usually play well with each other and then one or two of them decided to update/innovate things can get wonky in a hurry.  Brett Attebery, the publisher of Jewelry Designer Magazine, came to my rescue by allowing me to use his Graphics Designer to finish the project.  It's a fun book with braids on both the round disk and square plate and instructions for a couple of the focal pieces thrown in as a bonus.
JTV's Jewel School will continue to be on the agenda and Brett and I will be starting the Business Education Series in the next month or two.

Both the Anodized Aluminum and Macrame booklets are in the hands of the graphics group at the BeadSmith so they should be available sometime during the year. 

So, as you can see, I've been busy and have lot's of projects to keep me well occupied for months to come!


Thursday 8/16/12

BeadFest Philadelphia opens tomorrow, so set up started at 9:00 this morning.  Have some help coming for the actual show but I did the entire load-in by myself and am now just exhausted!  But, the show looks great.  They moved it into 2 large rooms (vs the one small and one large).  Swarovski is setting up a living room with comfy sofas--worth the trip just to see that!

Fred & Alyce Zink from Elephant Eye Beads spent the past few days with me (they're here at BeadFest; check out their Glinter line of silver substitute).  They'd been in MA at a Gem & Mineral show last weekend, so rather than drive all the way back to NC, they spent the week with me.  Fun couple and we, of course, had many long discussions about beads!

I have all the cool aluminum shapes with me; haven't had time to play with them much but I do have a few samples.  DVD for the Circles Concepts are here as well.

Drop by if you get a chance; I'm in booths 329 - 331.

Tuesday 8/7/12

Back from Concord!  All orders placed from 8/2/12 - 8/6/12 were fulfilled and shipped today.

Issue 1 of Jewelry Designer Magazine has been sent to the publishing design group, so we're on target for our publish date of August 29.  So very excited about the magazine!  If you haven't been over to the website it's  We've only got a skeleton site up for now, but the submission guidelines are available for download and we'd love to seeing what you're designing.

I'm spending some serious time on the new kumihimo book and have a whole box full of new aluminum wire samples to play with!  I'll have a full line of anodized aluminum products at BeadFest so be sure to drop by.

Friday 8/3/2012

Was "forced" to take a day off from kumihimo, beads, and magazine editing yesterday--had to drive to Concord, NH for a show this weekend.  Traffic on this trip is just horrible so driving up on Thursday is far less frustrating than sitting in Friday's traffic.

I caught some of the Olympic coverage last night, woman's 8 rowing and woman's all-around gymnastics.  Spectacular!  For those of you who don't know, I don't have TV at home as there are so few shows that interest me.  But, I do like a few shows and Project Runway is one of them and I hope they repeat Project Accessory this year.  What an inspiring evening; so much talent both the physical accomplishments of the athletes and the creative accomplishments of the clothing designers.

For those of you in Northern New England I'll be at the Innovative Beads Expo in Concrod, NH on both Saturday and Sunday.  Stop by an say Hi if you're in the area!

Jewelry Designer Magazine is still accepting submissions for the Autumn Bounties and Color issue.  Guidelines at

Thursday 8/2/2012

The Square KUMIHIMO plate

I've decided to take the "plunge" and try posting to a Blog.  In the past I've been putting announcements and such at the top of the main page, but it's just getting too crowded--so this might be a better alternative.

I've had a lot of questions about the Square Kumihimo Plate (Board) lately so here's some info about it.  The square board that I designed for the BeadSmith is different from all of the others out there in that this board is fully notched on all 4 sides and allows you make ANY shape braid on it,  including round.  This board is the most versatile of any of the foam boards on the market.

Now, you should know that you can make flat and square braids on your round kumihimo disk.  I'm working on a new book (to be released in October 2012) that will have a flat braid structure for the round board.  It will also included some structures for the square plate.

Most braid structures, other than the spiraling round one that is so popular, require a specific move sequence that is greater than moving one warp across the board and another back.  In other words, they require that you pay attention and, as such, are not nearly as popular as the spiraling structure. 

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